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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keyp?

Keyp provides you with OAuth enabled wallets – that is a way to create and use EVM compatible wallets with your Google, Twitter or Discord credentials. Our API and dashboard also offer payment rails and digital asset management tools to help you build web3 enabled games and apps with an excellent onboarding user experience.

What networks are supported by Keyp?

Any EVM network: Polygon, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nitro.

Is Keyp considered a custodial tool?

We do not custody or control any user funds and our service is completely non-custodial.

Who can I talk to about partnering with Keyp?

If you’re looking for help deciding what chain to deploy on, learn more about our capabilities and how we can help or think we can partner in some other way please reach out to team@usekeyp.com. For technical support join the support channel in Discord.

How does Pricing work?

We charge a flat fee per the number of active users for OAuth logins, to cover our costs. We do not add any fees on top of the service providers we work with or add any fees on top of charging your users’ cards for our checkout tools.

How does Keyp make money?

We are planning to add premium features for power users in the future. We will add more financial tools for users over time with reasonable fees.

Is Keyp organic & gluten free?

All Keyp products are always artisanal, handmade, organic, gluten free, and made with love.

Can we use Keyp to add DeFi tools to our game?

Yes! We would love to hear from you if you have questions about or suggestions for particular products we can make available for you with our simple API. Schedule a walkthrough here.

What kind of tokens and items can I launch in my games & apps with Keyp? 

Any type of in-game currency or rewards points are supported. You can also launch any kind of collectible, stackable or unique item.

How is Keyp planning to decentralize over time?

While Keyp’s permission engine and some of its other services are currently off-chain, we plan to progressively deploy more of our architecture to decentralized networks of validators. Learn more here in our Docs or ask us on Discord.

Does Keyp store users’ private keys?

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: Also, No. We never have access to any user’s private key, and neither do the apps which use our products. Read more in the security section of our docs.

Do you have a Style Guide?

Glad you asked! We do have a brand guide that has different logos, our color system and other useful parts of our identity. You can find it here.

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