Exciting News: Keyp is now Open Dollar.

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September 20, 2023

Keyp is now Open Dollar

We are so excited to introduce Open Dollar

Open Dollar is a new over-collateralized stablecoin protocol built on top of Liquid Staking Derivatives with more flexible vaults. As more types of assets are tokenized they become more powerful when we can borrow against them at stable rates, protecting users from inflation, market instability, and liquidity limits. In keeping with our company’s mission to make crypto safer and more powerful for everyone, bringing a stablecoin to our users is a natural progression of our goals and aspirations. For more details check out our new Lite Paper.

We’ve built an incredibly powerful and innovative onboarding stack with Keyp and are excited to shift our focus and expertise to the DeFi space where we believe we can have a tremendous impact creating new solutions that add to the Ethereum ecosystem and empower users. All of Keyp’s services will remain online but our focus will be on Open Dollar moving forward.

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