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March 28, 2023

Keyp #Buidling at ETHDenver

On February 27th, the Keyp team flew in from Seattle, Washington and New York to attend 2023 ETHDenver – an event which, as a resident Uber driver told us, increases the population of Denver by 3% for the span of two weeks.

#BUIDL Week Highlights

#BUIDL Week started off with a bang spanning a variety of different venues, workshops, talks and hackathons. We hosted three fully booked, free workshops at the Keyp Castle, our hacker house in the heart of the arts district.

Our first event, Solidity 101, covered the basics of Solidity syntax and how to apply that to building a token and apps on Ethereum. Our next event, Building an NFT from Scratch, explored how to create NFTs using Solidity from beginning to end. Lastly, Solidity 102 brought in an amazing crowd to the hacker house, many of whom stuck around to the Raid Guild & Nonce hack event sponsored by Keyp.

ETHDenver Main Event

The ETHDenver Main Event was full of positive energy with a focus on exchanging ideas about usability improvements, apps and on different use cases to build. Compared to last year, the 2023 ETHDenver was in a larger space which brought in even more people and organizations. We had a great time at our booth meeting a lot of talented developers and seeing interesting projects.

Some noteworthy ones were:

  • Nick from Seam, a new social platform that allows users to code, design, and curate social spaces
  • Shiv, Magic Labs, another Web3 onboarding tool we admire
  • Navid whose working on Block Party: Bodega, an awesome looking open world game
  • Andy from Infinity Keys, a tool that allows you to gamify community engagement to create meaningful interactions within social spaces

Some booths we really enjoyed were:

  • Hyperplay, a web3-native game launcher and an aggregator of game stores.
  • Game7, a community based, autonomous institution with a treasury that helps shape and define gaming standards, fund open-source software and help make the gaming industry sustainable by ensuring that it’s equitable and fair.
  • Flower Patch, a really fun Web3 cannabis game in the style of Farmville.


As always, there were some incredible speakers at ETHDenver. One talk that stood out was from Zhen Yu Yong, the co-founder of Web3Auth, who spoke about Enabling Passkeys and Face-print Logins with Account Abstraction for Non-Custodial Wallets. One takeaway was that there are a lot of new UX improvements and experiences that are possible as a result of Account Abstractions, something to be very excited about!

Joseph, our CEO, gave a very spirited talk as well, about Runescape’s in-game (and out of game) economy and how networked game economies create a valuable income stream and an enjoyable experience for players.

To round things out, we had a great time seeing Song-a-Day-Mann’s performance encouraging everyone to ditch centralized exchanges.

We all have some really great memories from our time in Denver, including two days of snowboarding and skiing with the team and conference friends.

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