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June 15, 2023

Announcing Game Wallet

On May 19th 2023, Keyp announced Game Wallet, a tool to turn any GameBoy into a secure offline cold storage wallet. Game Wallet looks like a traditional Gameboy cartridge - but here’s the twist: this cartridge lets players generate mnemonic phrases for crypto wallets. To generate the keys, a hash of a player's movements is taken as they walk around the world and complete fun quests, RPG style. 

The overwhelmingly positive feedback to the Game Wallet’s viral announcement let the Keyp team know that this is precisely the kind of thing Web3 enthusiasts are looking for: security, simplicity and fun. 

Game Wallet is targeted for a Summer 2023 initial sale with a limited edition being released. 

Head to GameWallet.gg to sign up for updates on the release of our new cold storage cartridge. Time to buy some new AA batteries and dust off your old Gameboy.

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