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February 21, 2023

ETHDenver 2023 Project Ideas

The annual EthDenver Buildathon returns March 2 to March 5, 2023! A buildathon is an event where people engage in rapid and collaborative building over a weekend. EthDenver will have $100,000s in prizes for the best apps, tools and projects built during the event and tons of free workshops, tech-talks and collaborative events to learn from.

If you are looking for fun ideas of what to work on during your time there (or elsewhere), we’ve prepared a list just for you. Let’s get started!

Project Ideas for Builders

  1. Web3 Mintests
    Launch a minetest (an open source alternative to minecraft) server on Akash network with logins that connect to a wallet like Keyp.
  2. Multichain Gnosis Safe
    Make a service that deploys a gnosis safe for someone on every EVM roll-up and chain from just 1 transaction. Bonus points if they all have the same public address.
  3. NFT Marketplace
    Create a front end for an NFT marketplace for just 1 particular NFT collection, that uses Seaport protocol and a subgraph. Let users login with Twitter using Keyp.
  4. Swap Bot
    Build a bot which stacks USDC by swapping between eth/usdc pairs between different roll-ups using Hop protocol.
  5. NFT Floor Price
    Create a NFT floor price Oracle using Tellor protocol.
  6. Ownable Contracts
    Write a smart contract that is owned by whomever owns a particular NFT. It should be able to make arbitrary calls, so it could be used to sell access to locked tokens with the NFT as a proxy.
  7. Proxy Sniper
    Create a bot that scans all newly deployed contracts on multiple chains for uninitialized proxies. Then look up the ENS name of the deployer to automatically contact them.
  8. ZK Proof Games
    Simple games that use Zero Knowledge Proofs

    Zk rock papers scissors
    Zk battleship
    Zk War the card game

We are excited to see what you make - come talk to us about your ideas, we are always happy to help and chat about your projects! If you are interested in improving the UX of your existing app, be sure to visit our booth, we’d love to tell you what we have to offer.

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