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February 24, 2023

Keyp Events at EthDenver

We are so excited to come back to EthDenver and meet all of you! We are offering a few different workshops (listed below) where we hope you learn something new, meet your new best friend, brush up, or just hang out. We would love to encourage you to come to these workshops regardless of your skill level because at the end of the day, we just want to hang out with you. If you’re unable to attend, please visit us in Bufficorn Village at our booth!

Solidity 101


Time: Feb 28, 11AM - 12:30PM
Location: Keyp Castle - address given upon RSVP


Clear your calendar - It's going down! Come learn what building in crypto really means. We're going to walk through building your first token and some of the tools blockchain devs use. No buzzwords, just building.

Solidity is a programming language that makes up the basis of building apps on Ethereum. This introductory workshop will be aimed at total beginners, people just starting to experiment and those who want to get their hands dirty with building on Ethereum.

We're going to learn: Solidity basic syntax, the easiest tools to get started building and how "tokens" on Ethereum are represented.

Prerequisites: Please add the MetaMask browser extension before we start. You will want a laptop to follow along. That's it.

Cost: FREE

Program an NFT from Scratch


Time: Feb 28, 2PM - 3:30PM
Location: Keyp Castle - address given upon RSVP


In this workshop we are going to build the most basic implementation of a non-fungible token using the Solidity programming language - from absolute scratch. No libraries or hand waving, we're going through some Solidity basics and living coding with every single step along the way broken down by our programming experts.

Bring your laptop to follow along and learn how NFTs actually work.

Cost: FREE

Solidity 102 Intro to DeFi programming:
The Math Behind Yieldfarms


Time: March 1, 3PM
Location: Keyp Castle - address given upon RSVP


Join our interactive Solidity programming workshop where we will learn the fundamentals of how tokens, liquidity and yield farms are programmed in DeFi. No hand waving or jargon, we are breaking everything down to individual lines of code while we build an example yield farming smart contract together from scratch. You may be shocked at how simple it can be.

Bring your laptop to follow along and learn how DeFi actually works.

Prerequisites: the Solidity 101 course might be helpful but is not required.

Cost: FREE

Runescape's $100M+ GDP:
The next stage of Crypto UX and Onboarding

Time: March 3, 9:40AM
Location: National Western $SPORK Castle | 4655 Humboldt St Denver CO 80202
Stage: NFTs + Metaverse, + Gaming Stage


Join us at the NFTs + Metaverse, + Gaming Stage to see Joseph Schiarizzi present a talk about the value of in-game economies and how game studios could benefit from using web3 and tools like Keyp.

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