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April 1, 2023

Introducting Un-abstracted Accounts

Introducing Un-Abstracted Accounts.

There’s been a lot of excitement around a technology called Account Abstraction, which lets blockchain based accounts be programmable. This allows services like Keyp and others to build new experiences directly into users’ accounts like daily spending limits, 2-factor authentication, and more.

But what if we could use that same technology to create an account that is more simple, makes more sense, and doesn’t have any of those big fancy pretentious words describing it like “composability” or “more secure”? Keyp is now introducing Un-Abstracted Accounts for all its users. 

“Using a smart contract as a wallet was fun for a while, but can’t we get back to the good ol’ days when accounts were just that.. Accounts.” - Bradly, crypto investor and Un-Abstracted Account User.

Through Un-Abstracted Accounts users are able to hold funds like they expect, and sign messages using state of the art cryptography. Users can sleep well without having to worry about any silly automated transactions going off at night without any human intervention. I mean, just imagine your financial account buying crypto when it falls below a certain price all on its own and acting autonomously… Sounds creepy, you wouldn’t want that.

CEO of Keyp, Joseph Schiarizzi, had this to say on the product launch “We are proud to be offering this new Un-Abstracted cutting edge type of account to our users today. I mean, what does the word abstraction even mean? Come on guys, we could have at least called it Smart Accounts or something more fun.”

To get started building with Un-Abstracted Accounts, anyone can create an Un-Abstracted developer account with Keyp here: https://dev.usekeyp.com

Happy April 1st.

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