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February 23, 2023

Keyp raises $2M to improve Web3 UX

We are thrilled to announce that Keyp has raised $2.0 Million to bring its Web3 onboarding stack to games, social apps and more. 

The Seed round was led by Skycatcher, with contributions from Lemniscap, Lionschain Capital, W3b.vc and co-founder of GitHub, Tom Preston-Werner. Multiple investment DAOs: Bufficorn Ventures and The LAO, joined the round as well, supporting Keyp’s commitment to the ethos of Web3 and Crypto. 

This combination of traditional and nontraditional investors is representative of Keyp’s spirit and mission to bridge the gap between Web3 apps and the people who want to use them. With a strong commitment to decentralization, Keyp balances improving the Web3 onboarding experience for the next billion users while maintaining user ownership and control over their digital assets.

“Keyp is a new way for anyone to access Web3. Users get a familiar online experience with features like social logins and flexible account management. We’re excited to back a team who has been building in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2017 and has a clear vision of how to build scalable UX in Web3,” Jonah Weinstein, from Skycatcher.

Currently, with Keyp's stack, developers can create Web3 powered apps that allow users to sign in with familiar logins (Google, Discord, and Twitter) and provide them with non-custodial wallets; game studios can build marketplaces where players can trade items between different MMOs; and NFT projects like Treasure Chess have onboarded hundreds of thousands of users to crypto with their existing social accounts and credit card checkouts. With these powerful capabilities, Keyp provides other UX improvements by creating ease of access for all users and developers. 

“We are so grateful for the support we have received. This round of funding provides the foundation for Keyp to create an amazing product that gives developers powerful onboarding tools and users complete control over their assets. I can't wait to see what everyone builds on our stack,” Joseph Schiarizzi, CEO of Keyp. 

If you're interested in building on Keyp, join our community on Discord. Keyp is hiring

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